Our Team

Heather Davies - Owner

Denise Devine - Meeting Coordinator

Delean Naude - Minute Coordinator

Lauren Borland - Admin/Accounts


Heather is the owner of the company and has been providing minute taking services to various companies since 1995. Her experience, shorthand, typing and accounting skills as well as excellent English writing and good listening skills has stood her in good stead in building up HMSS.

The team work closely together with Denise managing clients' meetings and the calendar,  Delean coordinating the movement of minutes and Lauren handling general admin, HR and accounts.

Minute Takers

We have a team of more than 25 minute takers who have a wide range of experience, including (but not limited to) banking, NGOs, medical, marketing, IT, insurance and publications.  Some are qualified Chartered Secretaries and others are skilled in shorthand and transcription work. We have limited resources in both Cape Town and Durban.


We have a team of competent editors and proof readers who are responsible for ensuring that our quality is of a high standard. All minutes are reviewed before submission at no extra cost to clients.

Join our Team

HMSS is always looking for skilled minute takers to join the team. We offer flexible working conditions and good rates.


  • Extensive minute taking / report writing experience
  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Many years’ experience in various industries
  • Good knowledge of regulatory requirements and the latest business practices

Please send your CV to admin@hmss.co.za if you meet the above criteria and wish to apply